Job’s Daughters International, California

“And in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job”  —Job 42:15

Miss California Job’s Daughter

Miss California Job’s Daughter Pageant


 sy01564_  Are YOU interested in learning more about Job’s Daughters?


 sy01564_  Do YOU enjoy promoting Job’s Daughters?


  sy01564_  Are YOU a member in good standing, and between the ages of

                          16 and 20 by June, 2015?


 sy01564_   Would YOU like to be the next Miss California Job’s Daughter?


The California State Pageant will be held at Grand Bethel in Visalia in June of 2015.  As Miss California Job’s Daughter this special young lady has the opportunity to travel within the state to promote our Order and to represent the ideals of Job’s Daughters.  The reigning Miss California Job’s Daughter shall be a contestant in the Miss International Job’s Daughter Pageant at the Annual Session of the Supreme Guardian Council in Illinois in August of 2015.


Preliminary Entry Form and Fee and Association Written Test:

The preliminary written test will be given the same day as the Associations’ Grand Bethel Competitions.  Each contestant will be tested on her knowledge of the Constitution and Bylaws, the Ritual, and the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Grand Guardian Council of California.


In order to take the preliminary written test, a $20.00 application fee payable to the Grand Guardian Council of California and the Entry/Consent Form must be mailed and POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN MARCH 1ST, 2015 to the Miss California Job’s Daughter Pageant Chairman.  A Bethel may have more than one Daughter enter the Pageant Competition.


Grand Bethel Entry Fee and Competition:

A minimum score of 50% of the total possible points on the preliminary written test is required in order to enter the State Pageant at Grand Bethel.  After notification of successful completion of the written test, the contestant shall pay an application fee of $75.00, payable to Grand Guardian Council of California, in order to compete at Grand Bethel.  This fee shall be mailed and RECEIVED by the Pageant Chairman no later than May 15, 2015.


The title of Miss California Job’s Daughter is one that is earned and each daughter that participates in the competition is to be congratulated for all her hard work.


Preparation and Workshop:

A helpful study tool for the Pageant competition is the I.O.J.D. Knowledge Course which can be ordered from the Executive Manager, Supreme Guardian Council, 233 West 6th Street, Papillion, Nebraska 69046-2210.


A workshop for all contestants will also be held in the late spring before Grand Bethel.  There is no charge for this workshop and it is quite helpful to all contestants and their parents and guardians.  The pageant committee hopes to see you there!


Miss California Job’s Daughter Letter and 2014 Entry/Consent Form



2015 Pageant Information

and Competition Instructions


Please note:

March 1st Deadline


Rachel Halladay

Miss California Job’s Daughter