• 8 m3 . The rent of a garbage container of 8 m3 is a popular service among residents of private houses. A small-volume bunker with a loading capacity of up to 5 tons and a hermetically sealed lid is suitable for storing and removing almost all types of waste. The rental price for a garbage container is eight cubic meters. It is from 6500 rubles.
  • 10-12 m3. A small container can remove construction and industrial waste in small volumes.
  • 20 m 3. This is an excellent option for waste and municipal waste. It is suitable for removing scrap metal and rubbish from construction sites. The bunker is spacious enough to remove a lot of waste at a time.
  • 27-40 m3. Containers with high load capacity have reinforced structures and can accommodate large amounts of waste. Construction companies often rent containers for this type of waste removal.

Renting out a dumpster can provide countless benefits when dealing with home restorations, cleaning, or building tasks. There may be more evident options initially, but it can be a time-saving, efficient, and affordable service. Whether faced with a considerable amount of old items, building particles, or collected clutter, having an assigned space to deal with huge waste can streamline your project. This article checks out the sensible advantages of dumpster rentals, highlighting renovations in effectiveness, safety, and environmental considerations. It stresses the value of this option for enhancing efficiency, decreasing job timelines, and ensuring a safe workplace.

Construction and demolition waste can be disposed of in a standard construction waste container. However, you may also want to ask if your dumpster can store materials such as carpet, wire, or yard waste. Likewise, consider renting a dumpster if you need to dispose of small appliances and other items.

The price of a roll container will change slightly over time. Some companies have set fees, and some have minimum durations, which may mean an increase in the overall cost. Check for extra days’ availability before booking, but be aware that these fees may slip through the cracks without you noticing. You should also review our shipping and pickup policies. There is usually no extra charge for the first day, but you may pay a higher rate if you need the dumpster longer.

Rent of a waste container for a company

Long-term dumpster rental and garbage removal are good solutions for facilities that generate a fairly large volume of waste. These can be private houses, public buildings, shops, industrial enterprises, etc.

This approach has several advantages:

  • There is no need to buy a tank yourself and monitor its condition—renting a garbage container allows you to delegate these tasks, reducing costs.
  • Only serviceable containers made of durable materials with high corrosion resistance are rented.
  • The company from which the facility owner orders services delivers containers, installs them, and maintains them.

Price for renting dumpsters

The main reason why renting a dumpster in St. Petersburg is in growing demand is the benefit. Renting, even for a long period, is much more profitable than buying a tank for storing solid waste, especially if we are talking about large volumes.

Rental prices depend on:

  • The required volume.
  • The type of waste that will be stored.
  • The period for which the contract is concluded.
  • Other conditions (for example, frequency of export).

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